Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join Make3 Business Network?

The main reason to join MAKE3 is simple.
Make3 Business Networking in Tampa Bay works!

There is no other reason that is more important. The MAKE3's business networking formula works and the members of MAKE3 see improvement in their business. The members that participate in their business networking chapter the most get the most business out of MAKE3. There is no secret. Come to the meetings, participate in the conversations, be yourself and always keep your fellow members top of mind.

Those simple steps when applied in the framework of MAKE3 make business networking easy and painless.

What is relationship based business networking?

MAKE3 is relationship based and not transaction based networking. This is not a forced marriage. MAKE3 doesn’t have quotas. You are not forced to give referrals to someone you do not trust or believe in.

Conversely, you are not guaranteed referrals from members that do not trust you. MAKE3 gives you the opportunity to network with other business leaders that are just as eager as you are to make their business better. That is what makes networking successful.

Going to a MAKE3 business networking meeting is not checking off a box on a list. Instead you have the opportunity to expose yourself to talented business professionals that are interested in getting to know you and your business. These business leaders are also keenly interested in helping you make more money.
What more could you ask for?

What is different about Make 3 from other networking groups?

We are an alternative to the common place networking organizations that currently exist. MAKE3 was formed in 2011 to provide an alternative to the common place networking organizations that exist. The founders of MAKE3 wanted to create an organization that emphasized relationship building and loyalty rather than affiliation and referral churning.

Make no mistake, MAKE3 is primarily interested in generating business for it’s members. However, the MAKE3 philosophy is to build loyalty, trust, and a deeper connection.

Our members are not referral sources. They are centers of influence that will actively promote your business at every opportunity.

Create deep bonds with other members

MAKE3 helps members develop their business in ways that other groups ignore.
MAKE3 focuses on creating deep bonds between it’s members. This is done through intensive self-promotion, power team development, and one on one meetings. All are designed to forge bonds between members and insure that every member in the chapter has enough trust and knowledge to actively promote your business for you.

How do I know the referrals I give will be treated respectfully?

If you refer business to another person, you are putting your reputation at risk and potentially damaging a relationship with a good client or friend. Before referring business to another party, you need to be sure the person you are referring to will do a good job for a fair price, and that they will handle your client in the best possible manner.

At a standard networking group, your referral often goes to a complete stranger. You have no way of knowing what kind of service they provide and if they are even a good person. Most networking groups focus on the referral and not the character of the person. Members may even be interchangeable.

That doesn’t happen in MAKE3.

As a member you will be educated about the members in your chapter and how they do business. Your chapter will know all about you and your business. If you are not ethical and reliable, MAKE3 does not want you.

MAKE3 members develop take business relationship to a different level. You are more likely to refer business to someone you know and trust. MAKE3 guides you and helps you to develop relationships that will take you and your business to a deeper level.

Is MAKE3 a good fit for everyone?

Most business owners and entrepreneurs will fit right in to the Make 3 Business Network. However, MAKE3 is not a good fit for the serial networker. The commitment to MAKE3 must run deep. Don’t think that passing off the same old tired leads will get you somewhere with MAKE3. We’re not interested.

You have to be committed to building your business and your chapter. Affiliation does not guarantee you business. You must be able to cultivate strong relationships with your chapter members. The good thing is, MAKE3 is designed just for that.

I hate my current networking group. What Should I do?

Quit your current group and join MAKE3. Once you realize how easy and fun MAKE3 is, go back and rescue the people that stayed in your old networking group.

Networking shouldn’t feel like jail. You don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t have a referral for another member. MAKE3 wants quality referrals, not forced referrals that won’t go anywhere. Never feel like your networking group is only interested in pulling money out of you again. MAKE3 is not here to nickel and dime you. You’ll never throw a dollar in the jar for not having a guest. You’ll never owe MAKE3 money for missing a meeting or being late.

MAKE3 is made up of busy business people. So, Business comes first. Your only financial obligation to MAKE3 is your annual dues. All other collections are voluntary donations or expenditures.

How do I join?

If you would like to join the Make 3 Network, please contact the president of the meeting you would like to join and they will be able to guide you on how you can secure your position in the group.